Child Care

Child Care is provided at no extra cost to you! We have incredible (and certified) staff who work hard to provide a fun, safe and warm environment with Biblical teachings for children of all ages! We have:


Newborn to 24 months.

Children's Program

Ages 2-6, offers Bible lessons, crafts, music, exercise, and snacks by capable teachers.

Homeschool Class

Change of Pace offers a monitored homeschool class that allows the children do school work before a short recess period and a time for games. Please bring some of your child's school work for the day and a healthy snack for them.

Dear Mom,

We welcome your child to the Nursery and Children's classes of Change of Pace South Bible Studies. In order to provide a safe and enjoyable time for all child(ren), we ask you to take note of the following items:


1. Should your child not feel well, or have a cold, please make other arrangements for them that day.


2. Please mark all belongings with your child’s name: diaper bag, Sippy cup, etc.


3. As the weather becomes cooler, please leave any coats with your child for recess purposes.


4. When you arrive, take your child/children to their appropriate rooms.  Do that before going to the refreshment table.  (They will receive snacks in the middle of the morning).  Please do not linger in their room.  


5. In case of a fire alarm sounding: Mothers of babies and toddlers should go immediately to the nursery to pick up your children, and proceed to the nearest exit.  Do not cross a fire line to reach the nursery.  In that situation, caregivers will take babies and toddlers outside to meet their mothers.  Children ages 2 and above will be taken out of the building by their teachers and mothers should meet them outside.


6. Please promptly pick up your children at 11:30 am so that our sitters may be released. We know you love to catch up with friends and trust you can do so with active kids at your side and for as long as you like! :) Because space is limited in the room, please be aware of how many mothers are already picking up their children and wait outside the door if necessary.


Thank you for the privilege of working with your children.  Any questions about the nursery or the children’s department can be directed to Shannon (717.468.3278

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