Weekly Announcements

Prayer Group:   Any one is welcome to join us with a special need, for a short time or for the hour we pray. Meets in room at back of sanctuary during first hour of morning.


Thankfully, we offer a  better menu (than Mrs. Robin) before worship!  When the lights flicker (9:13 am), please go as quickly as possible to the sanctuary.  Worship begins at 9:15 am with the music team which has worked hard to bless us!


Servants Needed: (1) Set up for Wednesdays on

Tuesday afternoons, 1:30-2:30 pm.  (2) Foyer clean up at end of Wed. mornings.  (3) Greeters any morning, arriving at 8:50 am; (4) Kitchen clean up at end of Wed. mornings..  Let Dawn Sapp or Shannon Swope know of your interest in helping.


Moms of Young Children:  As the weather cools, be sure to leave your child’s coat with them for outside recess.


Your Sacrifice in Giving:  Offerings cover our significant childcare expenses as well as administrative costs.  Thanks for helping with this substantial weekly need as you are able.


Lost and Found: Please check the foyer table for items that have been left on Wednesday mornings. You just might come across something of your own! In particular, mothers, please be sure your children go home with their sippy cups, backpacks and outerwear.



Community News



Send Community News to: info@ChangeOfPaceSouthPA.org





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